6 Shades of Green

We love our tea.

喝(hē)=drink    茶(chá)=tea

Icebreaker lines:

A: 你(nǐ)喜欢(xǐhuan)喝茶(hēchá)吗(ma)?Do you like drinking tea?

B: 喜欢(xǐhuan)。Yes, I do.

or 不(bù)喜欢(xǐhuan)。No, I don’t.

And the almighty:

你(nǐ)呢(ne)? How about you? And you?

Lines to use for small talk:

  • 我(wǒ)喜欢(xǐ huan)喝(hē)茶(chá)。 I like drinking tea.
  • 我(wǒ)不(bù)喜欢(xǐ huan)喝(hē)茶(chá)。I don’t like drinking tea.
  • 你(nǐ)喜欢(xǐ huan)喝(hē)什么(shénme)茶(chá)? What kind of tea do you like?

绿(lǜ)茶(chá)。 Green tea. (Non-fermented, high in vitamins, strong)

白(bái)茶(chá)。 White tea. (Naturally fermented, cooling and mild)

黄(huáng)茶(chá)。Yellow tea. (Half fermented, rare)

乌(wū)龙(lóng)茶(chi)。Oolong tea. (Half fermented, fragrant, strong)

黑(hēi)茶(chá)。 Black tea. (Pu Eh belongs to the black tea family. Fully fermented, good for digestion, strong)

红(hóng)茶(chá)。Red tea. (Fully fermented, good for digestion and blood circulation)

So, 你(nǐ)喜欢(xǐ huan)喝茶(hē chá)吗(ma)?Do you like drinking tea?

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