Shall we cook Chinese in Chinese?


Well, despite the unhealthy aspects of too much oil or condiment, most people would fall for the scrumptious taste of Chinese food. After learning some basic Chinese, have you ever wondered how do we say grill, bake, steam, panfry, deep fry or cold salad in Chinese?

Let’s get started.

凉(liáng)拌(bàn) → salad with dressing served cold

凉(liáng)拌(bàn)木(mù)耳(ěr) (Black fungus salad, good for detox)


炒(chǎo) →stir fry

炒(chǎo)饭(fàn) (Fried Rice)



煎(jiān) →pan fry

煎(jiān)饺(jiǎo) (pan fried dumplings)


油(yóu)炸(zhà) →deep fry

软(ruǎn)炸(zhà)虾(xiā)仁(rén) (soft fried prawns)


蒸(zhēng) →steam

小(xiǎo)笼(lóng)蒸(zhēng)包(bāo) (steamed pao)


炖(dùn) →stew

土(tǔ)豆(dòu)炖(dùn)牛(niú)肉(ròu) (Beef stew with potatoes)


烤(kǎo) →bake, roast or grill

北(běi)京(jīng)烤(kǎo)鸭(yā) (Peking duck)


熏(xūn) →smoked

茶(chá)熏(xūn)鸡(jī) (Tea smoked chicken)


If you’ve noticed about the structure, it is as simple as

Cooking method + ingredient = dish name

炒(chǎo) + 饭(fàn) = 炒(chǎo)饭(fàn)

Stir fry + Rice = Fried Rice

So shall we cook Chinese in Chinese now?

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